Wille Schenk’s Ages

„Da stehst du nun als alter Tor und guckst wie‘n nasser Sack. Die Menschen machten dir viel vor mit ihrem Schnicke-schnack.“

Wille Schenk Alterswerk Monotypie - deutscher Maler der Moderne
WV 654 Monotypie 19,5 x 14,5 cm

After exploring the artistic possibilities in the field of non-objectivity, the beginning of which goes back to the immediate post-war period (1947), Schenk turned back to an objectivity in the early sixties, but this is not comparable to the concrete painting or graphics of his earlier presentation.

He developed a special liking for coarse textured mosaics, of which only 3 are still present.


As his last great work he created a polyptichon “Kirmes” (WV 759). There are 5 individual parts, each 110 x 40 cm, tempera on wood, created about 1974, the middle part of the origin and not yet was divided; then Schenk painted the two outer panels and divided the middle area.

Alterswerk Wille Schenk in Tempera und Holz mit 5 Teilen
WV 759 Tempera / Holz 5 Teile à jeweils 110 x 40 cm