Exhibition directory

1923 Marienburg, Ostmark Art Exhibition 1923 Königsberg i. Pr., Hanielshof, academy exhibition

1924 Königsberg i./Pr., Kunstsalon Teichert, special show “Schenk”,
Meeting in “Königsberger Allgemeine”

1924 special show “Schenk”, Berlin-W, art dealer Lengyel & Co.

1924 47th Annual Exhibition of the Berlin Secession / Autumn Exhibition
24. 11. 1924 – January 1925 issued: “Pitsch and Prang” (listed in the catalog as No. 131 on page 16)
with exhibiting artists: Charlotte Berend, Lovis Corinth, Arthur Degner, Otto Dix (“Portrait of my Parents”), Conrad Felixmüller, Hans Thoma, Lesser Ury, Max Unold u. a.

1925 Exhibition of the Berlin Secession

1925 special show “Schenk”, Berlin-W, art dealer Lengyel & Co.

1926 Autumn exhibition of the Academy of Arts, Berlin
Discussion in “Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” v. 25/11/1926
with exhibiting artists: Max Pechstein, Ludwig Kirchner, Max Liebermann, Christian Rohlfs, George Grosz, Charlotte Berend, Arthur Degner, Ludwig Meidner, Olaf Gulbransson, Carl Hofer, Otto Dix, Käthe Kollwitz, Arno Holz u. a.

1927 Special show “Schenk” – collective exhibition in the Kunst- und Gewerbemuseum Dortmund
Discussion in “Dortmunder Generalanzeiger” v. 7. 12. 1927 and in “Tremonia Dortmund”, December 1927

1927 Exhibition “The New West” in the Städtische Gemäldegalerie, Düsseldorf
Discussion in “Westfälische Volkszeitung” of October 15, 1927
with exhibiting artist: Kurt Weinhold

1927 art exhibition of the unknown, exhibition in the “German Art Community”, Berlin,
Discussions in “8 o’clock Abendblatt” of 15. 2. 1927 and in “Vorwärts” of 15. 2. 1927
with exhibiting artists: Karl Leyhausen, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Barthel Gilles

1928 art exhibition “Young East Prussia”, district office Tiergarten, Berlin, 
in the catalog (“List of exhibited works”) No. 133 – 140, Reviews in 8 newspapers
with exhibiting artists: Else Koller, Werner Sieloff

1929 III. Great Westphalian Art Exhibition from April 28 to May 28 in Münster / Westf. – City Hall
Catalog, Schenk on p. 29, ill. P. 78
with exhibiting artists: P. A. Böckstiegel, Max Guggenberger, Leo Tilgner, Eberhard Viegener, Wilhelm Wessel, Max Schulze-Sölde u. a.

1930 Berlin, “Kunstblatt” exhibition “Young Artists, 22 November – 21 December 1930

1930 IV. Great Westphalian Art Exhibition from April 6 to May 11, 1930 in Gelsenkirchen – Exhibition Hall
Catalog: Schenk on p. 33, ill. S 85
with exhibiting artists: P.A. Böckstiegel, Walter Herricht, Otto Modersohn, Elisabeth Schmitz, Leo Tilgner, Eberhard Viegener, Josef Wedewer, Wilhelm Wessel and others.

1930 Autumn exhibition of Westphalian artist in Soest i / W.

1930 Exhibition of Westphalian artists in the museum in Osnabrück

1930 Exhibition Wilmersdorfer artist in the town house Berlin Wilmersdorf
November / December 1930
with exhibiting artists: Artur Degner u.a.

1931 V. Great Westphalian Art Exhibition, June to August

1931 in Dortmund in the exhibition building Nicolai- / Balkenstraße
Catalog: Schenk under No. 447 – 448
with exhibiting artists: P.A. Böckstiegel, Karl Busch, Anton Huber, Otto Modersohn, Otto Pankok, Christian Rohlfs, Elisabeth Schmitz, Eberhard Viegener, Josef Wedewer, Paul Wellershaus, Wilhelm Wessel, Friedrich Viegener (Sculptor) and others.

1932 Exhibition Westfälischer Künstler in Bielefeld

1932 Autumn exhibition of Westphalian artists from 21st September to 31st October

1932 in Dortmund
Catalog: Schenk under No. 295 – 296
with exhibiting artists: as in 1931

1933 Exhibition Westfälischer Künstler in the Museum in Hamm / Westf.

1934 graphic show “Schenk” in the castle tower in Lübben (Spreewald)

1935 Exhibition Märkischer artist in the museum in Cottbus

1936 Exhibition Märkischer artist in the civil casino in Potsdam

1936 Hamm / Westf., Gustav Lübcke Museum, special show “Schenk”

1937 Aachen, Suermond Museum, special show “Schenk”

1937 Gelsenkirchen, Municipal Art Collection “Schenk” exhibition

1937 Ulm a./D., Kupferstichkabinett, special show “Schenk”

1938 Konstanz, Kunstverein, special show “Schenk”, 1938 Karlsruhe, Kunstverein, special show “Schenk”

1946 Dortmund, Kunstsalon Kuhl, special show “Schenk”,
Title: “Faces shaped by fate” Reviews in “Westfalenpost” v. 26. 08. and 10. 09., in “Westfälische Rundschau” v. 04. 09. 1946

1947 Dortmund, exhibition of the works of Westphalian artists in the Institute of Occupational Physiology,
June 1947 Catalog: Schenk under No. 61 – 70

1947 Iserlohn, Kunstsalon Hegemann-Räderscheidt, special show “Schenk”

1947 Hagen I / W., Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum
Discussion in “Westfälische Rundschau” v. July 23, 1947

1947 Stuttgart, in the “new theater”

1948 Cologne, Modern Gallery

1948 Schwerte, Ruhr Valley Museum

1951 Dortmund, “Bridge”, exhibition “Art in the service of youth 1953

1953 Dortmund, State Gymnasium,
Comprehensive collective exhibition for the 50th birthday

1953 Dortmund, Museum am Ostwall, summer 1953
Reviews in “Westdeutsches Tageblatt” v. 6.6.53, “Ruhr news” v. 6.6.53, “Westfälische Rundschau” v. 6.6.53 and “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” v. 06/06/53
with exhibiting artists: Alexander Calder, Walter Gropius

1953 Münster i / Westf. Gallery Clasing

1959 Sweden, exhibition Dortmunder artist in 10 cities of the provinces of Västmanland and Örebro, from 29th August to 25th October 1960

until 1980 collective exhibitions in the Atelierhaus Dortmund

1990 Dortmund, locker hall of the Stadtsparkasse, 07. – 28. 08. 1990, collective exhibition,
Retrospective reviews in “Westdeutsche Allgemein. Newspaper “v. 2.8.90, “Ruhr news” v. 2.8.90 and 11.8.90, “Dortmunder Nordwestzeitung” v. 08/04/90

1991 Bochum, Evangelische Stadtakademie, collective exhibition, 24. 05. – 18. 07. 91
Catalog “Art Rooms – Wille Schenk” Discussion in “Ruhrnachrichten” v. 25.5.91 and “Stadtspiegel” v. 29. 5. 81

1997 Landau, Villa Streccius, 06. – 29. 05. 1997, “Breaches – painters of a lost generation”
Discussion in “Die Rheinpfalz”, No. 112 BC 16.5. 97 Catalog “Breaks”
with exhibiting artists: Kurt Weinhold, Rolf Müller-Landau, Jean Leppien